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KCATA Approves First Two Transportation Oriented Development Facilities Projects

KANSAS CITY, MO: (July 27, 2022) the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority approved its first two Transit Oriented Development (TOD) facility projects recommended by the RideKC Development Corporation.


“Today’s approval of these two TOD projects represents the culmination of more than 3 years of policy development and strategy work by KCATA to build a more effective regional transportation system,” says Daniel Serda, Chairman of RideKC Development Corporation board, and member of the KCATA Board of Commissioners. “We look forward to demonstrating how TOD facilities like these can work to achieve KCATA’s goals of adding more riders, residents and transit-accessible jobs and housing to our region.”


For RideKC Development Corporation to recommend a facilities project to the KCATA board, the project must meet strict TOD benchmarks, all which serve to make the best use of the region’s current and future transportation system. Additionally, any developer who partners with KCATA on a project must make additional commitments to facilitating public transportation, such as rider and driver amenities, public/private parking options, and improved transit shelter accommodations.


To view the RKCDC Neighborhood Development Guide, click here. In this guide, RKCDC outlines an extensive process for determining transit readiness, policies, and prioritizing the urban core.


To view the RKCDC Evaluation Criteria, click here.


The two approved projects are:


PROJECT NAME:                                     Residences at 31st and Baltimore


START DEVELOPER:                               NorthPoint Development, LLC


DISTRICT LOCATION:                             31st and Baltimore, KCMO, Jackson County


TRANSIT NEXUS:                                    Streetcar/Bus Route 31, Main Street MAX


PROJECT BUDGET:                                  $122 million

FACILITY DENSITY:                                 385 units/550 residents


PROJECT TYPE:                                        Multi-family, Mixed-use, future phases


PARKING:                                                  Private/public “district”, Located at project, On transit                                                                       line, Future phase at transit node, Rehabilitation, 430.                                                                       stalls, Covered



  • Substantially increases density on multi-year vacant, underutilized Trinity Lutheran Hospital site

  • Redevelops adjoining, underpopulated condominium property in distress

  • On 7-day per week transit lines

  • Connects streetcar with bus transit along 31st street for east/west connection

  • Provides potential public parking source on major transit corridor

  • Location and project designed to locate residents immediately at public transit

  • Contains transit amenities

  • Connects riders to four pillars of employment, education, healthcare, and housing

  • Strong local support

  • Collaboration with nonprofit partner

  • Affordable component

  • Supplemental TOD resources


PROJECT NAME:                                      Jamestown


START DEVELOPER:                                39th Street and Stateline Road LLC


DISTRICT LOCATION:                             39th and State Line Road, KCMO, Jackson County


TRANSIT NEXUS:                                    39th Street line/streetcar study line

PROJECT BUDGET:                                 $60 million

FACILITY DENSITY:                                226 units

PROJECT TYPE:                                       Multi-family

PARKING:                                                Private/public “district”, Located at project, On transit                                                                        line, At transit node, 375 stalls, Covered




  • Retains historic Scotford Building

  • Substantially increases density on unbuilt site

  • Unparks very heavily trafficked, bottleneck on major transit corridor

  • Adjoins streetcar expansion study to the east; transit technical assistance panel to the west

  • Location and project designed to move residents toward public transit use

  • Contains numerous transit amenities

  • Connects riders to four pillars of employment, education, healthcare, and housing

  • Strong local support

  • Supplemental TOD resources

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