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TOD Facilities Portfolio

Each proposed transit-oriented development (TOD) facility goes through a three-step process after a review by regional taxing jurisdictions:

1) the RKCDC Board recommends the facility project be brought to the KCATA board for approval;

2) the KCATA Board reviews and votes on the proposed transit-oriented development facility;

3) KCATA issues START bonds.

For RKCDC to recommend a facilities project to the KCATA board, it must meet strict TOD benchmarks, all which serve to deliver economic and environmental benefits to the region. Additionally, any developer who partners with RKCDC on a facility must make additional commitments to facilitating public transportation, such as: rider and driver amenities, public/private parking options, and improved transit shelter accommodations.


To view the RKCDC Neighborhood Development Guide, click here. In this guide, RKCDC outlines an extensive process for determining transit readiness, policies, and prioritizing the urban core.


To view the RKCDC Evaluation Criteria, click here.

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